Breathe healthier air.

Fast-UV - disinfecting the air you breathe

Our devices are equipped with:

UV-C Philips® technology

35 years experience in
developing and manufacturing UV-C products

ebm-papst® ventilation technology

German company, worldwide
innovation leader in fans and motors


For your environment.

FAST-UV has the solution for air disinfection to be used in any indoor environment.
From elevators to supermarkets, we have air disinfection systems tailored to your needs. Our technicians can help you choose the right equipment best suited to your space.

Fast-UV Shield

The Fast-UV Shield uses a dual system for air treatment - filtration and disinfection by UV-C germicidal radiation.

Designed to be used in any interior space such as nursing homes, doctor's offices, meeting rooms, waiting rooms, restaurants, classrooms, hotel rooms, etc.

Each unit is scaled to disinfect the air of spaces up to 35m2. For larger spaces, we recommend more than one unit.

Fast-UV Shield Slim

With similar characteristics as the Fast-UV Shield, we created the Slim version with reduced thickness (8cm).

Ideal for small spaces such as elevators, bathrooms, corridors, etc.

Each unit is scaled to disinfect the air of spaces up to 15m2.

Fast-UV Duct

The Fast-UV Duct was designed to be installed in any HVAC system. As the air circulates it is sterilized through highly effective germicidal ultraviolet radiation.

Ideal for warehouses, supermarkets, exhibition halls, shopping centers, etc.

Each unit is scaled to disinfect the air of spaces up to 400m2.

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We use Nature’s technology

Ultraviolet germicidal radiation (UV-C) inactivates viruses, bacteria and fungi, reducing the spread of disease.

Fast-UV uses Philips® UV-C technology in its equipments. The Boston University School of Medicine validated recently the effectiveness of the Philips® system on inactivating the virus that causes COVID-19.

Why Fast-UV?

In the present-day reality of the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, where cross-infections can easily occur, current recommendations pose major challenges:

• It’s not possible to preserve the air climatized when opting for constant ventilation of closed spaces

• It’s not possible to just use new air in air conditioning systems (they are not designed for that purpose and would have high usage costs)

The Fast-UV system is the solution - it disinfects the air, reducing the risk of allergies and contagion of diseases in spaces where it is not possible to renew the air 100%.


What are the advantages?

Our Fast-UV equipments are a safe and low-cost solution providing health protection and a commercial advantage.

Health Protection

Air disinfection reduces the risk of spreading disease and improves air quality, health conditions, comfort and even the occupants' productivity.*

* Based on health and productivity studies by ASHRAE and Menzies et al.

Commercial advantages

The Fast-UVsystem is an unique selling factor that will show your customers and employees the concern and effort to improve their safety.You can use our badge, advertising that your establishment utilizes the Fast-UV air disinfection system.